October 19, 2019

Brežice, Slovenia

IBFF world championship Brežice 2019

IBFF World Championship 2019 is once again returning to Slovenia. After a great experience for visitors and competitors in 2018 we are again expecting it to be an amazing happening in Brežice Sports Hall.

Competition is opened for amateurs and professionals.

The organizer will provide optimal conditions and we are certain that you will most enjoy this year’s IBFF World Championship. For those who will have some extra energy left, we have prepared extra tourist activities in Brežice surrounding.

Welcome competitors, fans, viewers and all sports enthusiasts! See you in Brežice on October 19th 2019.

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Brežice, Slovenia

Greenery at the confluence of the Sava and Krka, thermal springs, vineyards and rich architectural heritage – this is why Brežice is known to many as the place where different worlds come together.

The Brežice municipality lies in southeast part of Slovenia, next to Croatian border and very near Zagreb. It is extremely rich in thermal springs, which were discovered near the bank of the Sava more than 200 years ago. The power of the natural thermal water was soon recognized and gradually resulted in the development of TermeČatež, one of the largest thermal complexin Europe today.

The youngest thermal spa in Slovenia, TermeParadiso, was also constructed on a thermal spring, this time in Dobova. In Brežice you can also charge your batteries with outdoor recreation and leisure activities. We invite you to try out our numerous bike paths and hiking tours into the surrounding hills.

A trip through the hills of the Brežice municipality can also be a wonderful gastronomic experience thanks to the Podgorjanska and Bizeljsko-sremiška wine roads that run there. You can stop at friendly farmhouses and wineries, which always accept guests with open arms and greet them with local delicacies and excellent wine. (Source: Discover Brežice).
Check out more at www.discoverbrezice.com.

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